Midlands Early Music Forum exists to promote all aspects of early music, in the Midlands of England. It is one of a number of regional fora, which between them cover most areas of the UK.

MEMF brings together amateur and professional musicians, singers and dancers, researchers, teachers and pupils, instrument makers, costumiers, and enthusiasts in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our workshop programme is open to anybody with an interest in early music, and concentrates on music from the mediaeval and renaissance (A440 pitch) and baroque (A415 pitch) periods.


Sadly we will not be running any Face-To-Face workshops until the current emergency is over and we are allowed to meet again.

However we have been arranging some online Zoom sessions which have been very popular. Tutors so far have included Robert Hollingworth, David Allinson, Jeffrey Skidmore, Rory McCleery, David Hatcher and Patrick Craig, and others are planned. Details are published here and on the MEMF Facebook Page and if you become a MEMF member you can opt to have a weekly email about future online events round the country, including Zooms hosted by other Early Music Fora. We have found lots of innovative and interesting early music online to listen to or take part in. Do have a look! Unfortunately the dated items (Zooms in particular) have not been updated for a while due to a technical problem, but there are plenty of other things to look at.