Information about you held by MEMF will not be shared with any third party without your consent, nor stored on third party databases. It will be held on a password protected database. If you cease to be a member your information will be promptly deleted.

We will use you postal address to send you copies of the Newsletter, reminders about subscriptions due (unless you pay by standing order), information about and booking forms for future workshops, notice of the AGM and fliers/ brochures of other events that may be of interest.

If you give us an email address we may use it to contact you about upcoming workshops (e.g.notice of a change to workshop arrangements, a request for particular voices/instruments, help with refreshments, etc.) We may also email you information about events you may be interested in, but which have come too late to be included in the Newsletter.

If you give us a telephone number we will only use it to contact you at short notice about urgent matters relating to MEMF (e.g.last minute changes to workshop arrangements).