We have stored, filed and catalogued the MEMF sheet music library for over 12 years now, and in that time the library has grown to around 170 separate works of music, sometimes with many as 60 copies of each piece, all stored in 48 archive boxes. The majority of the items are choral pieces and nearly all are photocopies, although there are a few printed works as well. There have been only two requests for this sheet music in that time and as storage has become a problem the committee have decided to close the library and offer the music freely to members on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like any of the sheet music listed below, please contact David Yates by email (yatesdp@gmail.com) as soon as you can. Any sheet music remaining after four weeks will, sadly, have to be sent to recycling.

We are not able to post any music so would ask that interested members collect from David’s home – 16, Manor Road, Sutton Coldfield, B73 6EE.

1Alcock, JohnSing to the LordAnthem for SATB soli +SATB choir + baroque band
43Alcock, JohnConcerto No.62 flutes, strings, basso continuo
2AnonThe Play of Daniel (ed. W. L. Smoldon)Liturgical Drama – mixed voices
2Arne, ThomasCantata V: The MorningCantata for high voice, German flute and strings
31Bach J SCantata BWV 77 Du sollt Gott, deinen HerrenSATB voices + Vlns, Viola, Cello, Continuo
39Bach Johann ChristianSinfonia in FInstrumental: Score and parts (oboes, horns, strings)
31Bach Johann ChristophFurchte dich nichtMotet: S A TT B voices
32Bach Johann ChristophLieber Herr Gott,wecke uns aufMotet: S A T B + S A T B voices
33Bach Johann ChristophIch lasse dich nichtMotet: S A T B + S A T B voices
41Bach, Johann ChristianMagnificat in C majorSATB voices and strings/oboes +continuo
42Bach, Johann MichaelLiebster, JesuSATB 2 Vlns, 2 Vlas + continuo
42Bach, Johann SebastianCantata BWV 24SATB + Continuo
3Blow, JohnAppear in all thy pompAnthem for ATB soli, SATB choir + strings and continuo
4Blow, JohnEight Anthems – (A Blow Anthology)Anthems for SATB choir + continuo
4Blow, JohnI beheld, and, Lo! A great multitudeAnthem for ATTB soli + strings and continuo
4Blow, JohnMy God, My God, look upon meAnthem for SATB choir. a cappella.
4Blow, JohnVenus and AdonisMasque for SATB soloists + SATB choir + various instruments
4Bond, CapelSix ConcertosInstrumental: 4 violins, viola, cello, harpsichord, trumpet, bassoon
28Byrd WilliamDiliges DominumSATB + SATB
28Byrd WilliamCome Woeful OrpheusSSATB
28Byrd WilliamAve VerumSATB
28Byrd WilliamGloria from Mass for 4 voicesS A/T T B
28Byrd WilliamNe irascaris DomineS A T T B
28Byrd WilliamAmaryllis Dance in greenS A  A T B
28Byrd WilliamThis Sweet and Merry Month of MayS S A T B B
28Byrd WilliamO Lord make thy servant ElizabethS A A T T B 
28Byrd WilliamPraise the Lord, O Ye GentilesS S A T B B
28Byrd WilliamLaententur CoeliS S A T B
28Byrd WilliamVirgo Dei GenetrixS S A T B
28Byrd WilliamJustorum AnimaeS S A T B
5Carissimi, GiacomoJeptheMotet for SSSATB + continuo
23Ceballos RodrigoHortus ConclususSATB voices
32Charpentier Marc AntoineExtremum dei JudiciumSATB + Baritone solo
32Charpentier Marc AntoineReniuement de St PierreSATTB voices + continuo
33Charpentier Marc AntoineSalve ReginaMarian Antiphon for 3 SATB choirs
33Charpentier Marc AntoineTransfige dulcissimeSSATB voices + continuo
33Charpentier Marc AntoineMote pour les trepassesSATB + SATB voices + continuo
40Cipriano de RoreFratres ScitoteSATB voices
29Clemens non PapaVae tibi Babylon et SyriaS A T B
29Clemens non PapaVox in RamaS A T B
29Clemens non PapaDe profundisS A A T B
23Clemens non PapaEgo Flos CampiSSATTBB voices
23Crequillon, ThomasUnus panis et unus corpusMotet for SATB voices
5Croce, GiovanniBeati eritisMotet for SATB choir
5Croce, GiovanniBuccinate in Neomenia Motet for SATB + SATB choirs
5Croce, GiovanniCantate DominoMotet for SATB choir
5Croce, GiovanniHodie Completi SuntMotet for SSATB choir
5Croce, GiovanniIncipite Domino and O triste spectaculum2 Motets for SATB + SATB choirs
5Croce, GiovanniLaudate Nomen Domine a 12Motet for SATB + SATB choirs + AB soli + instruments
6Croce, GiovanniMissa Prima Sexti toniMass for SATTB choir
5Croce, GiovanniO vos OmnesMotet for SATB choir
5Croce, GiovanniOmnes gents, Ornaverunt faciem and Percussit Saul3 Motets for SATB + SATB choirs
5Croce, GiovanniOve tra l’herbe e i fioriMadrigal for SSATTB choir
5Croce, GiovanniVeni Domine et noli tardareMotet for SAATB choir
24Croce, GiovanniPercussit Saul milleMotet for SATB + SATB choirs 
23d’Argentil – Festa2 CanonsCanons for SSSSTTTT voices
7Dunstaple, JohnAve Maris StellaMarian Hymn for STB voices
7Dunstaple, JohnKyrie in DMass movement For ATB voices
7Dunstaple, JohnNesciens Mater virgoMarian Antiphon for ATB voices
7Dunstaple, JohnPuisque m’amourRondeau  for ATB voices
7Dunstaple, JohnVeni Sanctus SpiritusMotet for SATB voices
18Esteves, Joao RodriguesMiserere mei, DeusMotet for SATB + SATB + SATB voices with continuo
17Esteves, Joao RodriguesMissa a 8 vozes – KyrieMass movement for SATB + SATB voices and continou
17Esteves, Joao RodriguesDe Lamentatione JeremiaeMotet for SATB + SATB voices with continuo
22Esteves, Joao RodriguesCum Turba PlurimaMotet for SATB + SATB + SATB voices with basso continuo
23Festa, ConstanzaRegina CoeliMarian antiphon for SSATTBB voices
23Festa, ConstanzaDomine, non secundumMotet for mixed voices
40Gabrieli, GiovanniSacri di Giove a 1212 voices
45Giaches de WertAscendit JesuSAATTB voices
7Guerrero, FranciscoMissa de la batalla escoutezMass setting for SSATB choir
34Guerrero, FranciscoCanite Tuba in Adventu DominiSATB voices
34Hatcher DavidCollection of dance music for RevelsInstrumental
7Janequin, ClémentLa Guerre ( La Bataille de Marignan)SATB chorus +  inst. doubling parts
40Jaquet de MantuaVeni Dilecte MeSATB voices
40Jaquet de MantuaIn Illo TemporeSATB voices
40Jaquet de MantuaO Vos OmnesSATB voices
9Josquin des PrésPraeter rerum seriemMotet for SAATBB choir
39Josquin des PrésAve Maria – Virgo SerenataMarian Antiphon. SATB choir + S and T anonymous parts
44Kerll, Johann CasperMissa in fletu solatium obsidionis ViennensisSATTB voices, strings + continuo
9Knüpfer, SebastianSende dein Licht  (Psalm 43)Cantata for SATB soli, SATB choir + instrumenta and continuo
10Lassus, Orlando deMissa Ad imitationem Vinum BonumMass for SATB + SATB choirs + instruments  (6 scores and 8 sets of parts)
11Lassus, Orlando dePenitential Psalm no.1 (Domine ne in furore tuo)Setting for S(S)ATTB choir
11Lassus, Orlando dePenitential Psalm no.6 (De profundis clamavi ad te)Setting for S(S)ATTB choir
10Lassus, Orlando deVinum BonumCantata for SATB + SATB choirs + instruments  (5 scores and 8 sets of parts)
21Lassus, Orlando deProphetiae SibyllarumMotet for SATB voices
21Lassus, Orlando deJustorum AnimaeMotet for SATB voices
19Lesbio, Antonio MarquesVictimae paschali laudesMotet for SSAT + SATB voices + basso continuo
7Machaut, Guillaume deDouce dame jolieVirelai for solo voice
7Machaut, Guillaume deFins cuers doulz / Dame, je sui cilzMotet for ATB voices
7Machaut, Guillaume deJe puis trop bienBallade for ATB voices
7Machaut, Guillaume deKyrie EleisonMass movement For SATB voices
7Machaut, Guillaume deRose, liz, printemps, verdureRondeau for SATB voices
24Manchicourt, Pierre deKyrie from Missa Cuides vousMass movement for SSATB voices
24Manchicourt, Pierre deO IntemerataMotet for SATB voices
24Manchicourt, Pierre dePeccatem me quotidieMotet for SATB voices
5Marazzoli, MarcoLa Predice del soleMotet for SSTB + basso continuo
5Melani, AlessandroSalve ReginaMarian antiphon for SATB  + SATB choirs + continuo
19Melgas, Diego DiasSalve ReginaMarian motet for SATB voices
19Melgas, Diego DiasLamentacao de Quinta Feria SantaMotet for SSAT + SATB voices + basso continuo
23Michot“Quia pupere” from Domine non secundumMotet for SATB voices
12Monteverdi, ClaudioExcerpts from 1610 VespersSections 1, 2, 4, 10, 12. Multiple Instrumental parts + 1 complete score
35Monteverdi, ClaudioConfitebor 111 (1641)SSATB + Continuo
36Monteverdi, ClaudioLaudate PueriSAATB voices
37Monteverdi, ClaudioLaudate PueriInstrumental parts
34Morales Christobal dePastores, Dicite,Quidnam vidisatis?SATB voices
29Mouton JeanFactum est SilentiumS A T B
29Mundy WilliamAdolescentulus sum EgoS A A T B B
29Mundy WilliamO Lord, Maker of All ThingsS A T B 
29Mundy WilliamSive VigilemS A A T B
13Palestrina, G, P deMissa Brevis (arr. J S Bach)Mass setting for SSATTB + cornetts, sackbuts and organ
23Palestrina, G, P dePater Noster a 5SSATB voices 
38Pepusch J CDeath of Dido, a Masque2  complete Scores (incl vocal solos) and instrumental parts
14Philip de MonteMissa Benedicta á 6Mass setting for SAATTB choir
24Phinot, DominiqueMagnificat octavi toniMarian Antiphon for SATB voices
24Phinot, DominiquePater peccavi in coelumMotet for SSATB voices
7Pierre de la RueVexilla RegisFacsimile chant SA.
34Praetorius MichaelJubilate Domino a 9SSSAATTBB Voices +  continuo
34Praetorius MichaelVenite, exsultemus a 9SSSAATTBB Voices +  continuo
34Praetorius MichaelWie schon leuchetSSATB voices + continuo
34Praetorius MichaelPuer Natus a 1111 voices + continuo
2Pycard et alThe Old Hall ManuscriptMass movements for high and low voices
19Rebelo, Joao LourencoAve Regina CaelorumMotet for SSAT + SATB + SATB voices + basso continuo
40Rigatti, AntonioMagnificat octavi toniSSATTBB voices + 2Vlns, 2 Vlas and continuo
5Rossi, LuigiErgi la Mente al soleCantata fo SSATB + basso continuo
20Scheidt, SamuelIn Dulce JubiloSetting SATB choir and instruments
20Scheidt, SamuelDuo SeraphimMotet for SSAT + ATBB choirs and instruments
21Schein, Johann HermannDie mit Tranen saenPsalm 126 for SSATB voices
21Schein, Johann HermannSinget frolich GotteMotet for SSATB voices
15Schütz, HeinrichPassion motets (Cantiones Sacrae, 1625)5 Motets for SATB choir + ad. Lib Basso Continuo)
23Shepherd JohnThe Lord’s PrayerSAATB voices
30Tallis ThomasIn Jejunio et FletuS A A T B
30Tallis ThomasMiserere NostriS S T T Bar B B
30Tallis ThomasO Sacrum ConviviumS A A T B
16Tomkins, ThomasFond men that do so highly prizeMadrigal for SST choir
16Tomkins, ThomasFusca, in thy starry eyesMadrigal for SSATB choir
16Tomkins, ThomasIt is my well-beloved’s voiceMadrigal for SSATTB choir
16Tomkins, ThomasToo much I once lamentedMadrigal for SSATB choir
16Tomkins, ThomasWas ever wretch tormentedMadrigal for SATB choir
2VariousIl Triofo di Dori  (ed. Harrison Powley)29 Madrigals of the 1592 collection – SSATTB
25Victoria, Tomas Luis deDixit DominusPsalm for STTB + STTB choirs
27Victoria, Tomas Luis deLaudate pueri DominumPsalm for SSTB + STTB voices
26Victoria, Tomas Luis deSalve ReginaMarian Antiphon for SSTB + ATTB voices
26Victoria, Tomas Luis deSuper Flumina BabylonisPsalm for SSTB + ATTB voices + Instrumental parts
27Victoria, Tomas Luis deLauda SionPsalm  for SATB/STTB +5 Instrumental parts
27Victoria, Tomas Luis deThree Psalms-Laudate Pueri. Laudate Dominum. Ecce NuncMaster copies
27Victoria, Tomas Luis deFour Marion AntiphonsMaster Copies
27Victoria, Tomas Luis deFour PsalmsMaster Copies
27Victoria, Tomas Luis deO Magnum MysteriumS A T B
34Victoria, Tomas Luis deMagi viderunt stellamSATB voices
40WillaertAve Regina CoelorumSATB voices
47ZielenskiMotetto de S. IgnatioMotet for SATB + SATB voices with instruments and continuo
48ZielenskiMagnificatSATB + SATB + SATB voices with instruments and continuo