Here you can find the MEMF committee.

Edwin Griggs

Edwin Griggs, Chairman

David Yates

David Yates,  Secretary

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley, Committee Member

Pauline Holmes

Pauline Holmes, Membership Secretary


Sara Clymo

Sara Clymo, Newsletter Editor

Noreen Trusselle

Noreen Trusselle, committee member

Caroline Hogarth

Caroline Hogarth, Web Tzarina


Sue Peters

Sue Peters, Publicity Coordinator

Meg Forgan

Meg Forgan, Events List Coordinator

Jonathan Spencer

Jonathan Spencer, Committee Member

Heather Holt

Heather Holt, Treasurer

Recent Posts

Florentine Spectacular

In May we have another spectacular weekend workshop with Philip Thorby, who just gets better and better. This time the music will be from the Florentine Intermedii, originally written for the grand wedding of Ferdinando de Medici and Christine of Lorraine in 1598, The music is based on Mythological stories and culminates in a wonderful toe-tapping dance tune, a big hit in its day! Many fine composers contributed including Cavalieri, Malvezzi, Marenzio, Peri, Bardi and Caccini. As well as voices there are parts for many renaissance instruments including lutes, sackbuts, curtal, harpsichord, guitar, 2 violins, bass viols and even 4 recorders. Instrumentalists in particular need to book early so we can get the right balance.

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