Here you can find the MEMF committee.

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley, Chairman

David Yates

David Yates, Secretary

Sheila Koch

Sheila Koch, Baroque Band Coordinator

Pauline Holmes

Pauline Holmes, Membership Secretary


Sara Clymo

Sara Clymo, Newsletter Editor

Noreen Trusselle

Noreen Trusselle, committee member

Caroline Hogarth

Caroline Hogarth, Web Tzarina


Sue Peters

Sue Peters, Publicity Coordinator

Meg Forgan

Meg Forgan, Events List Coordinator

Jonathan Spencer

Jonathan Spencer, Committee Member

Heather Holt

Heather Holt, Treasurer











* With great sadness we announce the untimely death of our Chairman, Edwin Griggs. Edwin Griggs Obituary.

Recent Posts

William Hunt Workshop on Pre-Restoration Verse Anthems 27 September 2014

The leaflet and booking form are now available for downloading for this exciting workshop with William (Bill) Hunt. Well-known for his work in London Baroque, Fretwork and the Dunedin Consort, he has also taught at various conservatoires and run workshops and residential courses across Europe. He founded Fretwork Publishing and now devotes much of his time to this enterprise, and to researching the Verse Anthem.

This musical form arose from the principles of the Reformation, which demanded clarity of the text in sacred music. Many of the greatest names in English music before the Civil War composed in this form and the workshop will be concentrating on Tomkins but also touching on Gibbons and/or Byrd.

Put 27th September in your diary now and don’t forget to book, all you singers, violists and recorder players!

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