Baroque Band








The MEMF Baroque Band was started several years ago, initially to rehearse orchestral parts ahead of combined workshops with singers in music by composers such as Purcell, Handel and Bach.  This proved very successful with the rehearsed band then being able to give excellent support to the singers in the full workshops.

Before long the Band had a life of its own, meeting to play purely instrumental music by various Baroque composers, some well-known and others not so. It generally meets 2 or 3 times a year and the music played will be chosen by the tutor to suit the resources available.  It is not a fixed membership and instrumentalists just sign up to workshops in the usual MEMF way.

The nature of the music means that we always need lots of string players, but we try to make provisions for wind players whenever possible. Our usual pitch is 415, but for certain circumstances we may use 440.

The co-ordinator of the Baroque band is Sheila Koch and she can be contacted at:   or   01926-402886

If you are not sure whether the band is for you please contact Sheila, or any Committee member to have a chat.  There is no selection process – we just want to enjoy the music and learn from our tutors how to improve our performances.

The upcoming Band workshops are listed in the Events page of this website.  Come and join us!